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B. Travel Studio also known as Brides Travel Studio is a full service travel agency. We specialize in amazing destination weddings, romantic honeymoons and adventurous group vacations. BTS offers guidance and reviews to assist with selecting the perfect destination and resort. 

Destination Brides

Because being a Destination Bride can come with many unanswered questions, B. Travel Studio has designed the perfect bridal travel agency to take all of your worries away. Once you're all set and ready to take flight, we'll send you off with your "Bride Survival Kit" equipped with essential items necessary for a smooth wedding in paradise. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Group Vacations

Want to organize the ultimate group vacation without the stresses of planning? Whether it's a romantic couples trip, a wild and free girls trip or an adventurous guys getaway, we have you covered. Let us use our expertise to plan the ideal vacation for your unique group.  We'll leave you with memories that'll last a lifetime! Book today!

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